Established in 1975, the National Association of Review Appraisers and Mortgage Underwriters is an organization dedicated to maintaining professional standards and promoting ongoing education in the fields of Appraisal Review and mortgage Underwriting. The growth and recognition which NARA/MU and its members have experienced is an obvious indication that these specialized fields were long overdue in being represented on a professional basis.

NARA/MU membership consists of members representing international corporations, banks, thrifts, insurance companies, accounting firms, law firms, and private real estate lenders. Virtually all the major Federal agencies are represented as are hundreds of State and local government agency real estate professional. In addition, NARA/MU membership includes a substantial number of independent real estate appraisers and consultants who are involved in reviewing and mortgage underwriting.

Federal and State regulators are requiring that lenders have a sound policy for the Review Appraisals and an overall quality control program for Underwriting. NARA/MU has been showing lenders and other real estate professionals how to establish these kind of programs since 1975 through information and education. Members are not only recognized as the most experienced and competent in the industry, many are making the rules that the industry must follow.